Health is Wealth

I have heard this so many times growing up and now that I am grown up, I find myself saying it with almost every Instagram post. I am that annoying person that has a tagline hashtag at the end of nearly every post. The saying has really become truth to me especially with everything that … More Health is Wealth

Being Well

February 24, 2016: I am not going to fill in everything that has happened since November 14th. I am over the doom and gloom (for now). I can’t say that I will never be angry, scared, or depressed over my diagnosis but I have to be thankful that right now, I have very minimal POTS … More Being Well

Doom and Gloom

I haven’t been on this site for awhile. I stopped writing because I was getting way too negative. I was stuck in this dark place. It’s something I have struggled with since my diagnosis. Adjusting to my new life has not been easy. It’s been expensive and time consuming not only for me but my … More Doom and Gloom

P.O.T.S. Episodes

September 1st I keep getting what I call “episodes” and I have been trying to figure out how to prevent them. I spent my morning drinking water and decaf coffee while watching older episodes of New Girl. My afternoon and evening were spent cleaning the house which, I accomplished, but was completely exhausted after. I … More P.O.T.S. Episodes